Youth Ministry

God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear.


This message is for parents of youth and children. I want to engage this group during family time and I need your help:

1. Our first mini Bible Bowl is this Sabbath entitled, “So You Think You Know Genesis 1, Huh!” Please encourage them read that chapter.

2. Encourage them to have a favorite worship music video to share.

3. Encourage them to give recommendations for topics they’d want to explore during Family Time.

4. Encourage them to recommend art, drama, and other activities they would enjoy during Family Time.

5. Encourage them to recommend program segments that they would want to be in charge of. Let’s encourage their leadership and let them know their ideas are valuable. They can contribute to making Family Time inclusive for themselves.

Finally, thank you for coming out to Family Time!


May 6th 2023

Weekly meeting & prayer

Saturday 11:30 AM

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May 13th 2023

Show me your faith

Saturday 11:30 AM

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